Terms and conditions of the GoldenPrinted.com website:

Goldenprinted.com whenever will receive your order will automatically initialize the process of packing and shipping, this process will be then completed by our shipping staff that will take only a few hours. In case of order reception problems this process can require about 1-3 days.

The shipping is completely offered by our brand till the following date:

30th of January,

after this date the cost of shipping will be automatically set to 5,99€.

The shipping time normally can require different times in base the product requested and the availability in our stock and the courier used by the staff of goldenprinted.com.

(Normally takes around 5-7 days)

The followings are the most used couriers by our brand:




-American Post



-Poste Italiane


Note: we do not necessarily have to use these couriers, our decision for the courier that will deliver your item depends on which country and region our customer deliver address is situated.

Our website ships the merch in the entire world, so don't worry if you are in Switzerland, Italy, New York or In Asia. The requested service will be always completed!

We offer complete support through our e-mail service, you just need to contact us at the following mail: info@goldenprinted.com. Don't forget to write your oder number in the object of the mail.

In the case the order is processed badly by our website or the client there is the option available in which a refund can be requested in 20 or 40 days from the purchase. The refunds requests without an actual valid reason are accepted only in the first two days after the order has been placed or before the order is dispatched. 

The returns are accepted only if the client has a valide point against the staff or the product, in the case there is no valide point the return won't be accepted.

note: only the Human Resources staff can decide if it's a valide point or not.

For any information that hasn't been listed in this terms and condition page please contact us at: info@goldenprinted.com.

Placing an order on our website means you accepted all our terms and conditions.